Jake Paul accepts 'biggest' Mike Tyson fact ahead of fight (2024)

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Jake Paul will take on Mike Tyson in a professional fight on July 20 and the YouTuber-turned-boxer has admitted the bout will be the biggest moment of his life

By Harry Davies

Jake Paul has confessed that his upcoming bout with Mike Tyson will be the 'biggest moment of his life'. The YouTuber-turned-boxer and heavyweight legend Tyson are set to clash in a professional fight on July 20 at the AT&T Stadium in Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys.

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The event could see up to 80,000 spectators and will be broadcast live and free on Netflix, marking the streaming service's first foray into combat sports. Paul came face-to-face with Tyson twice last week during press conferences in New York and Texas to hype their match. Reflecting on the significance of the fight in a video shot outside the same stadium where he'll confront Tyson this summer.

He said: "Well, here we are. Biggest moment of my life, biggest stage. From Vine, to a stadium. 80,000 people, breaking records. The highest gate ever, this is a testament to hard work. Dedication, manifestation, believing in yourself. Just a surreal full-circle moment for me, Dallas was the first place I went to for a fan meet up when I was 17-years-old off of vine.

"Now I'm back here, the biggest stadium possible and I mean what the f***."

Jake Paul accepts 'biggest' Mike Tyson fact ahead of fight (5)

Paul is speaking confidently ahead of their bout (Image: Getty)


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Ahead of the fight, Paul has bulked up to a hefty 230lb to try and match 'Iron Mike's' weight, who tipped the scales at 220lb in his prime. However, Tyson was unimpressed with Paul's new physique and ridiculed his opponent's beefed-up body.

"I don't know if he's in his prime," Tyson remarked. "He's fat. He should be lean and mean and he's fat and funky. I saw him with his shirt off though and he's fat."

In a sharp retort to Tyson's dig, Paul stated: "Hey, Buster Douglas was fat. Am I right? I know, but you know Buster Douglas, I'm better. I'm going to end you quicker than he did and you'll remember that forever".

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Jake Paul accepts 'biggest' Mike Tyson fact ahead of fight (7)

Mike Tyson will fight professionally for the first time in 19 years (Image: Getty)


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"You started me off. I appreciate that. Mike, I love you. I love you like a father loves his son, but I must discipline you. You're going down, man."

It has been nearly two decades since Tyson last stepped into the ring for a professional bout, retiring mid-fight against the unheralded Kevin McBride, while Paul improved his record to 9-1 after knocking out the relatively unknown Ryan Bourland in March.

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Jake Paul accepts 'biggest' Mike Tyson fact ahead of fight (2024)


What did Jake Paul say about Mike Tyson? ›

Jake Paul has a message for anyone who is criticizing Mike Tyson's age going into their upcoming fight. Appearing on FS1's TMZ Sports show, Paul said Tyson "does not give a s--t what anyone thinks" when asked about the criticism of his age. "He's his own boss," Paul added. "He wants to fight me.

Why was the Jake Paul and Mike Tyson fight cancelled? ›

But Tyson had an ulcer flare-up on a May 26 flight from Miami to Los Angeles that required medical attention. Tyson was forced to postpone the fight after a health checkup when doctors required him to limit his training over the next few weeks until his condition improved.

Who is Jake Paul fighting instead of Mike Tyson? ›

Logan Paul has confirmed that negotiations took place for him to fight his brother, Jake, in the wake of Mike Tyson's withdrawal from the scheduled bout. Tyson had been set to face Jake Paul, but has been forced to withdraw as a result of health complications he suffered on a recent flight.

How much will Mike Tyson make on Jake Paul fight? ›

Official purses haven't been revealed, but estimates suggest Mike Tyson could earn around $20 million for his exhibition fight with Jake Paul. This is a significant payday for the 57-year-old Tyson, considering he last fought professionally in 2005.

Why did Mike Tyson cry before every fight? ›

#boxing #miketyson #Tyson. "Iron" Mike Tyson on why he always cry before he fight: "I'm getting ready to change into somebody I don't like".

When was the Tyson Jake Paul fight? ›

Paul was originally scheduled to face Tyson at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on July 20 in an event to be livestreamed on Netflix. Tyson, 57, was forced out of the fight because of medical issues, and that fight was rescheduled for Nov. 15.

What did Jake Paul say about Mike Tyson's late daughter? ›

And he said in the title says, I'm gonna Bury Tyson next to his daughter's grave. I didn't know this, but his daughter.

Are Tyson and Jake friends? ›

Mike Tyson has words for Jake Paul, "we're friends but in that ring we're not gonna be friends" #miketyson #miketysonvsjakepaul #miketysonboxing #jakepaul #Boxing #boxingnews.

Who did Jake Paul say he wouldn't fight? ›

Jake Paul Previously Said He Wouldn't Fight Mike Tyson, 'I'm Not Stupid' | Caffeine.

Why did Mike Tyson's daughter pass away? ›

The youngster tragically died in 2009 at the age of four when she accidentally strangled herself on a cord from a treadmill exercise machine at her home in Phoenix, Arizona whilst her father not at home at the time of the accident.

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